To make sure collections are done correctly to keep your drivers on the road, are you sure that your collection site has done the proper training?

Urine Collection Personnel
The collectors are required to meet the following training requirements:
1. Knowledge. The collector must be knowledgeable of the current Urine Specimen Collection Procedures Guidelines
and guidelines applicable to workplace testing.
2. Qualification training. The collector must receive qualification training that provides instruction on all steps
necessary to complete a collection correctly and proper completion and transmission of the custody form (CCF);
problem collections, fatal flaw, correctable flaws, and how to correct collection problems; and the collector’s
responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the collection process, ensuring the accuracy in results of the drug
testing device being utilized, ensuring the security of the specimen, and avoiding conduct or statements that could be
viewed as offensive or inappropriate.
3. Initial proficiency demonstration. Following training completion, the collection personnel must demonstrate
proficiency in collections by completing five consecutive error-free mock collections.
4. Refresher training. Collectors must undergo refresher training, including the five error-free collections, at least
every three years
5. Error correction training. If a collector makes a mistake that causes a test to be cancelled, he/she must undergo
error collection training according to the requirements within 30 days.